The Marine World site has been hand picked for its superior water clarity, biological diversity and overall quality of marine life. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful reef locations available anywhere in Australia and perfect for snorkellers.

On arrival at Marine World our crew will provide some handy tips on the correct use of snorkelling equipment and then help fit you with a mask, snorkel and fins so you can take to the water with confidence (all included in the cruise price).

Our snorkel area is supervised at all times and personal flotation devices are readily available in adult and child sizes. Stairs lead down from the main deck to a submersed snorkel platform where you can sit down and put on your mask and fins. Access to the water could not be easier with the snorkel platform opening directly into a shallow, bright and sheltered coral lagoon.

Floating snorkeller rest stations are strategically located around the site where you can take a rest at any time. This prevents tired snorkellers standing on and damaging the corals and is part of our commitment to ensuring our site is kept in it’s current pristine condition.

Beginner snorkellers will feel comfortable being able to see the bottom at all times and an array of colourful corals and incredible fish life can be immediately seen without even letting go of the platform!

It would be a very rare day if Wally the Giant Maori Wrasse didn’t show up to snorkel alongside you.. an incredible photo opportunity!

You will be head down exploring this extensive reef site in no time.

Guided Coral Gardens Tour

(approx 30 minutes)

Adult: $39 Child (4-14 years): $29

Perfect for the beginner snorkeller. Join our Marine Naturalist in small groups and learn more about the reef.  Explore our sheltered coral lagoon with expert snorkelling assistance and instruction available at all times.

Adventure Snorkel Safari

(approx 50 minutes)

Adult: $49 Child (4-14 years): $39

Suitable for snorkellers who are comfortable in the water, you have the opportunity to explore even further utilising our dedicated snorkel boat.

Drift snorkel the spectacular outer reef wall with our Marine Biologist. The extensive coral formations and HUGE schools of fish have to be seen to be believed!


(approx 50 minutes)

Adult (12yrs +): $109  Child (6 – 12 years): $109
A very easy alternative compared to using a conventional snorkel tube.  
You breath through a mouthpiece regulator which is linked by a 3 metre long air line to an air cylinder.  You will remain securely on the surface while wearing a buoyancy jacket as well as being close by to a SNUBA® raft for additional surface support.       
Made for absolute beginners, this amazing new activity is a hybrid version of SNUBA® Diving; who knows you may even “go beyond snorkeling®” and experience diving!