Introductory Diving & Certified Diving

Introductory Diving from $129

No experience necessary. All equipment supplied including wetsuit & souvenir dive certificate to hang on your wall.

While at the Great Barrier Reef there is no better opportunity to experience the thrill of Scuba Diving for the very first time. If you can kick and have a heart beat chances are you can dive, so give it a go it’s an experience you will never forget!

Scuba diving in Australia is safe and highly regulated with qualified instructors and strict operational procedures. At Reef Magic Cruises your safety is our number one priority and our safety record remains unblemished.

On the way to the reef our friendly and experienced instructors will answer all your questions, introduce you to the scuba equipment and brief you on the very basics you need to know to enjoy this experience of a life time.

The Marine World platform provides a safe, controlled environment perfect for the novice diver. Stairs lead into a sheltered “moon-pool” where you will spend time practicing some basic scuba skills before heading off on your dive.

Group size is kept small with a maximum of 4 divers per instructor (less if nervous divers) so you know you are in safe hands.

Your first dive will be in our coral lagoon, a shallow sheltered area with dense coral cover and teaming with fish life. This is home to Wally our resident Giant Maori Wrasse who is sure to drop by… Give our professional dive photographer a wave and they will capture the moment for you.

1st dives last around 20-30 minutes and reach a maximum of 10m with most of the dive around 4-5m. On 2nd or 3rd dives you will have already done the skills leaving more time for the actual dive. In calm conditions, capable divers may be given the opportunity to dive the incredible Reef Magic wall!

Certified Diving

When you book 2 x Certified Dives prior to boarding the boat, your 2nd certified dive is free!

Reef Magic Cruises are renowned for offering some of the best certified diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

With Marine World as your base our dedicated dive tender takes you to a selection of drift, wall & channel dives including swim through, small caves, ledges & drop off’s. These are private locations only accessible to Marine World visitors so you are ensured a unique dive experience.

Sites are chosen to suit the weather conditions on the day and take in to account the experience of the divers.

With 5 hours actual reef time we can offer up to 3 completely different dives in a day.

All dives are professionally guided for your safety and enjoyment. We take you direct to the best places, leaving you more time to take in the beauty of your surroundings without the need to navigate – magic!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a dive buddy we will pair you up with someone of similar ability or our dive master will buddy with you themselves.

Don’t forget your log book so we can record your Great Barrier Reef experience for you!