Meet The Reef Magic Crew


Helicopter Representative

Harry Bez has been with Reef Magic Cruises for just over 18 months, he's originally from Zimbabwe and assists our passengers at Marineworld in being able to see the Great Barrier Reef from above via helicopter. His favourite part of the job is being able fly over the reef !


Senior Cruise Attendant

Peter Ritchie is one of our longer serving staff members with over 10 years service in both Reservations as well as a Senior Cruise Attendant. His favourite part of the job is meeting people from around the world and working with the best crew. Peter's fun fact is he's a star wars nerd.


Underwater Photographer

Madeleine Redman has worked for Ocean Blue Productions & Reef Magic for 6 years but has been working on Great Barrier Reef for 10 years now. She loves travelling and spent 2 years backpacking through central america where she learnt Spanish. Madeleine loves diving and her favorite underwater friend besides Wally would be turtles.

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